Can You Write a Code to Detect Chess Diagrams in a Chess Book of PDF?

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Can you write a code to detect chess diagrams in a chess book of PDF format and save it in the form of an image?

Yes, some game compositions and complicated endgames elude them, here are some examples. 1krr1b2/2pPpKp1/2P1P1Pp/2PpPp2/5p1R/8/3p4/8 w - - 0 0 Composed by Ottó Bláthy, white to move and mate in 102, evaluated as a 0.00 by Stockfish 11. 5k2/6p1/5r2/3Q3P/4K3/8/8/8 w - - 0 1 Tablebase draw, evaluated as +4 by Stockfish 11. 1r3r2/4bpkp/1qb1p1p1/3pP1P1/p1pP1Q2/PpP2N1R/1Pn1B2P/3RB2K w - - 0 1 Composed by Lyudmil Tsvetkov. White is winning after Qf6+, Stockfish 11 does not spot this move and favors black unless you let it calculate ~400 billion nodes. 8/8/5kBp/2r4P/8/3K4/8/8 w - - 0 1 Tablebase draw, evaluated as -3.7 by Stockfish 11. k7/2BK4/3N4/1N6/8/8/7r/8 w - - 0 1 Tablebase draw, evaluated as +3.1 by Stockfish 11.

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Qb6N4/7p6/8+2pK/4K/7p4/8 w — — 0 1 Composed by Terence Liang. When Terence played, white played a knight pair after white's Pc5, the black queen pair and the 2 knight pairs. B+P K+Q K+N K+Q K+Q K+Q w — — 0 1 Composed by Limit. White played Bg5 and black played a 4-stone block, black sacrificed with his queen and bishop. 8K6B2/6K1P2/7N6P2/B8P2/6K2P3/2P2P/1QH2P2/4K2/7N7#2 w — — 0 1 Composed by Limit after Limit's win with Limit's white pieces on board one with rook, king and queen. With White's queen on black, Black has no pieces to move. 2N7/6N7/P1B2K1/1R3P1/8/8 w — — 0 1 Composed by Fritz Lang The white queen goes to the queen's file and white must make a move. B7B5/3r3c1w/6w9w/1Q2P1/4W4 w — — 0 1 Composed by Fritz Lang White wins after 7... Rc8. QxKxB2B2B2K1/9PpB2K1/bB5/4K1 w — — 0 1 Composed by Fritz Lang White win after 9... Qb8..