How Can I Write a Tool Which Can Convert a PDF into Xml Using?

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How can I write a tool which can convert a PDF into XML using programming, and which language should be used?

You can’t modify any PDF file due to some restrictions of PDF Standard (i.g. encrypted files), but can do it with most of them. For any programming language I recommend you to use Aspose.PDF Cloud because it’s a REST API and you can use it with the all modern programming languages. Also you can pay attention to Aspose.PDF (C#/Java), ITextSharp (C#), PdfBox (Java), FPDF (PHP). Every one of these products has own “pro” and “cons” and you can decide for yourself what’s better for your requirements.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

What you need to know about PDF to improve your performance and meet your project deadlines faster: ‪ A basic requirement of digital publication is not all the PDF is created with the need to do every thing. Some people are worried of the size of the PDF (or that it is slow). I think the size of the PDF is just a problem for a few people. There is no need to create a PDF for every one. Many people in my experience create PDFs for every one of their jobs. For example when you work for your company as a consultant, you probably develop a document for every client every day, and you can create as many documents as your client needs to deliver the project. Even though you are just a consultant yourself for your company, but your clients expect you to deliver with a full PDF project, so.