How Can I Write PDF Reader for Pashto While Pashto Has 8 Different?

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How can I write Pdf reader for Pashto while Pashto has 8 different letters than Arabic?

I will answer them one at a time. Pashto. You will only find translation job for NGOs mostly. For Tourists it is possible but very few come to Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. There is also a possibility to be a tour guide for Pashtuns in non-Pashto speaking countries(maybe less-likely). Arabic. You will have plenty of opportunities(NGOs and Tourists) in Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Maghrebi(North African Arab countries) and Jazayer. There is also a possibility to be a tour guide for Arabs in non-Arab countries(maybe less-likely). Conclusion. This is just an opinion/information, so it is up to you to choose which one you want to go with!

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This job is most suitable for younger people and those with a good understanding of the culture. It is hard to speak Pashto. So if you speak any of these languages (Pashto, Arab or Persian) you will be a good fit for this job. In all probability, a job with Afghan National Volunteers will be one of the best career choices available in your country.