How Do I Write a Book Proposal PDF?

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How do I write a book proposal PDF?

Most people would say, “Sit down, and just write what comes naturally.” That’s good advice. Really. But not good enough. As humans we have a wonderful tendency to go off in a tangent and think about other things. It’s a gift because it let us be curious about things that we’ve discovered until now, but also a curse if you’re a writer or a student. I’ve written 5 books until now, and co-written many short stories and I can tell from my experience that there’s definitely a few pointers that work with any genre and author . Although creativity stems naturally, make sure you have a plan or end goal for your book Decide who your target audience is. Decided what you want your audience to feel when t read your book - happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, etc. What style are you going to write with - 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person Are you looking to explore many personalities and characters? How much character development? Make a brief plan of your story; intro, action, plot, climax, conclusion and all that - doesn’t need to be too detailed otherwise it might constrict you while writing. What’s going to be unique about YOUR story? Why should anyone bother to read it? Will you want to read what you’re writing? AND Finally, have fun while doing this. Writing a book can be super stressful, especially if you have other things going on but it’s almost therapeutic when you can sit down and take a slice of your life and just enjoy writing a story. GOOD LUCK!

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