How Do I Write a Research Proposal in PDF?

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How do I write a research proposal in PDF?

In any sort of Ph.D, you are required to complete research in a particular field and write a thesis on any branch or concept of that particular field. Having a pre define research gives you an edge that you do not have to start looking for branches to research on, you already have the topic in your head. However, this does not change anything for your research proposal. A research proposal is an outline and a summary of your entire idea of research that you want to pursue your thesis, why do you want to explore the field and how do you plan of going about it. A typical research proposal includes 6 major sections that must be completed efficiently without fail. These sections are - 1. Introduction - The introduction as the name suggests is the section of your research proposal in which you introduce your idea to the committee. Keep in mind that this is the introduction to your proposal, not the thesis, do not get started with details about the thesis, instead, try to introduce the topic and talk about why you believe there is a necessity to research it. This section of your proposal should be crisp and on-point so that the reader does not have to go through a lot of wordy sentences before t can understand the main motive of your thesis. 2. Literature Review - Once you have addressed the elephant in the room ( your topic), start talking about some of the published work that you have read and give a review about them. State everything in detail, how does the literature help your topic or why do you think the source was unable to justify the made statement. This section will help you create credibility about your topic in front of the committee. Make sure you provide a proper literature review as it will not only help you establish your point, it will also help your professors to understand the point of your research. If you have pre-defined research you can throw in some facts about it as well. 3. The objective of the Proposal - After finalizing the flaws in the previously crafted literature on your topic, it's now time to put forward what you are actually going to do. This section helps you to clarify your objective in front of your research committee. The section is completely based on your aims, goal, and what you want to achieve from this research. Writing your objective should be easy if you have predefined research as you are served the objective of your research on a silver platter. Make sure you clearly state your objective is crystal clear words. 4. Methods Used - Also known as methodology, in this section you introduce all the methods that you are going to use in your research. The methodology section of your research proposal is a crucial one as this helps the committee to understand whether you are capable of researching from genuine sources or you are just doing it for the sake of completion. For all the methods that you are going to use whether online or offline, you need to list them all out. 5. Intended Outcomes / Limitations - Keep in mind that this is the proposal and not your final thesis. The outcomes that you intend to achieve from your research are to be listed here. You must have some things in your head about the final results that you are going to obtain at the end of the research. Try to list down the potential research results that you are looking forward to. Also, you can mention the constraints of your research that you feel that your research might not be able to complete or the limitations of the results. 6. Conclusion - This is the last section of your research proposal. In this section, you need to conclude by summarizing everything that you have tried to convey with the help of your research. It should include a gist of all the sections coming down together into a simple and effective paragraph. Keep in mind that this is going to be the last thing that your readers will read so make sure you provide them with a summary of everything that went down in the proposal with a call to action included in it. You need to complete all these sections to successfully complete a Ph.D. research proposal. Hope the answer was helpful for you. Keep in mind that you must decide on a particular format and citation style while working on any research proposal. Good Luck!

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