How Do We Study For The Situation Reaction Test For An Ssb Interview?

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How do we study for the situation reaction test for an SSB interview?

I guess you are asking only about the Interview Part.— See there’s no as such tips for Interview, but still I will share on my experience. The interview revolves around your PIQ . Basic Questions. Must know about your native place.Like I am from Dehradun (questions can be about IMA, FRI , LBASNAA,). Topography, mostly basic knowledge. Friends.—questions about your friends…who all are close to you..what qualities do you like about them..also dislikes ….Try to potray positives ..but genuine dislikes can also be mentioned that can lead to positives only. Family—Will dig deep into your family.. will ask about your Parents..Same questions like good and bad qualities can be asked …Be smart to answer bad if in case u do…just like my mom has one ..for any health issues she will try to take medicines herself and procrastinate to go see a doctor…Positives are too many .. I need not mention them… what is your role in your family…like do you participate in the decision making even it can be small things….How you help your family…you can explore this area yourself. If you have siblings…that relationship bond you share with them.. again as above questions can be asked .How do you mentor them in case you do if you are elder and vice-versa. Now he will shift to your academics… your favourite subjects…your marks in 10th 12th or college if you pursuing grad or completed grad. Questions same as for friends ,family members can be asked for your Teachers (school/college). If you like any teacher , then you need to clarify for what reason.It should be genuine answers.dont lie. Your extra activities in schools and colleges ..may it be Sports ..or cultural events ..explain all and your achievements too. Dont fake your achievements,, he can cross question you .Just to impress him don’t Sunshine your PIQ. Now in case of go through recent happening in the news and basic facts of that game.(Rules and Dimensions) Defence related questions be ready for them..Suppose you go for Navy..Coastline of India..recent technological updates…any exercises with other countries. ….so do cover this portion. Also I forgot if you have one year gap after 12 ..he will dig into that.. whether you have given previous attempts …went went wrong in previous attempts..and what did you learn from your mistakes. Now if you are college student..or just completed school..Questions about career options other than defence …this shows your clarity towards life ..Do give justiciable reasons and answers. If you are working .. Questions related to your Boss, colleagues (same as for family and friends). What do you at your offfice must be able to tell him about your job…what changes you have seen and your learnings.and where does that lead you. If salaried..will ask how you spend …savings and investment if not salaried much pocket money and how you spend. Question can be asked like how was your experience till the day at SSb …Did you explore the Place …which new friends …all same things. Hobbies—mention those which you have and can answer question regarding them …dont fake. Know yourself self Introspection…Good and Bad About you Now the main BOMB…Why do you want to join the Forces? See this question ..each candidate has different answer…different motivation…what drives you to see yourself in that amazing dress with 3 stars on your shoulders…I hope you can prepare it very well. So mostly I covered the basic form of interview process.. See its more about your personality..How you carry it and how you potray yourself. BE CONFIDENT,TRUE,GENUINE and SMART while answering the questions. Dont panic if you dont know any questions. Have a nice posture and good smile . I guess this is what I can share it to you.

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I have seen some students who in the beginning of the examination were looking at the screen and making gestures that indicated they knew what they wished to say, but they never gave up. The next time they come out and say that they are ready to give answers only. I am not concerned with a candidate knowing what he or she says or not. But when candidates tell us they are not ready to give answers but to check our answers, this is quite unfortunate. In my humble opinion most candidates are not sure of themselves, and they are not clear on how they would answer. I believe the best of our candidates are those who have been in the service and learned to follow orders and are well-rounded personalities. When a candidate fails and gives a vague answer, his or her performance reflects the lack of ability.

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