I Wrote My Phd Dissertation in Latex?

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I wrote my PhD dissertation in LaTeX, but my advisor told me it needs to be in a format other than PDF to send to my committee members. He says it is too difficult to make comments or corrections on PDF. What is the best format for a dissertation?

If your CV is so long that just copy/pasting the text into Word and reformatting is too big a job, your CV is too long. No-one will read all of it, and it may get binned without reading any of it as it’s a sign that you don’t really understand the place of the CV in the recruitment process, and so can be rejected right now. When I was dealing with CVs, I certainly would have done. People have almost no time to review the large number of CVs that are the usual result of advertising a vacancy and you need to do everything you can to try not to be one of the quickly-rejected ones. Having a long CV I can’t quickly scan, or making an issue of the format the recruiter requests are not good ways to do that. However, if you really want to do this, Google for “Latex to Word”. There are many programs that will at least partially assist.

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This would then be much clearer: (LaTeX) And this is the HTML version, ready for use in Word. You may also want to look at How to Convert LaTeX to the ASCII-8bit Format. If you can send LaTeX from a remote computer, send me the raw TeX files or the PDF versions in the LaTeX format. If you can't send me the source files, then just tell me what you're doing, and I can try to figure it out. Why Does The Letter Go Between The Two Chairs? This is the third version of this letter, all about the letter between the two chairs, so I'm going to be explicit. The first letter was just the three of them talking about each other in a general sense, asking for help from other chairs. But you see, the second letter got to the point faster: they got together in a special room to.