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If I copy data, for example, Ghazals or Naats from different books and write in MS Word and make a PDF book for selling purposes, would it be a copyright issue rise or not?

In what country? Seriously, it makes a huge difference. In Canada it is death plus fifty, so if the writer of the Hokey Pokey was still alive today (possible) then it wouldn't come out of copyright for at least another fifty years. But you run into all sorts of weirdness. For example in the USA you had to file for copyright extension at one point, and a lot of things from the sixties are now out of copyright in the USA because the rights holder didn't file. But in Canada filing was never a requirement, so the work is still under copyright. Is your head hurting yet? As to who holds the Hokey Pokey (someone else says Sony), and whether or not t filed for Copyright Extension (which would have been one of Sony's predecessor companies), you'd need to ask a lawyer to check on that.

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And for anyone who says “You can't go after the man, he owns it,” I'd argue that Sony had the right to do whatever they wanted with the Hokey Pokey from the very outset. There's no question the copyright was registered back in 1971 and that it has probably been registered on several occasions since. Sony had the right to do whatever a publisher wanted with it at the time the Hokey Pokey was done (though that doesn't prove the rightness of the project, just that their rights as rights holders were superior to anyone else's). So in terms of copyright ownership there was never an issue. How about rights? Again, the same person says “You can't do anything with the Hokey Pokey, it's already copyrighted.”, but they're wrong. You can. As to how far you go, the answer is different depending on which country you're in. In.

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