Is a Laptop Or Ipad Required in College in the First Year of An Mbbs?

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Is a laptop or iPad required in college in the first year of an MBBS?

Sometimes I wish t’d give an official notice on this. Well, we’ve never dared to. As said in the previous answers our lecturers don’t take it too well. So this answer is open to discovery.(Disclaimer. I’m not responsible if something goes wrong) However, you can try using a tablet. I’ve seen people at DAMS classes take notes on tablets. More versatile. Or maybe you could go the pen and paper way, then use an app like Notebloc to click pictures of your notes if you want to save them on Evernote or any other app on your laptop. The OCR function of Notebloc is good too. You can convert all your handwritten notes into typed text and edit it. But nothing can provide you with the flexibility of pen and paper. I’ve been using both modes and I strongly believe this. So don’t leave the habit altogether. After all, you’ll be giving your profs in pen and paper mode. Edit (24/11/2018). The other day we were having an ENT demo revision. So here goes the tale. One of my batchmates brings his Surfacs Pro to class, records the demo (especially the ones where sir’s explaining the Xrays and CT scan images) and even takes notes on his OneNote. He was sitting right in front of sir. And our prof was ok with it. So I guess it’s all depends on how liberal your profs are. If t see you actually work and not procrastinate on your tab, I guess it shouldn’t be an issue. Edit. 25th June 2019 I’ve officially switched to iPad 2018 for note taking. I sit in the first bench & take notes on it using my Apple Pencil. I type out some stuff too on the digital pop up key board. Planning to buy a Logitech Keyboard for it. Professors aren’t having any problem. PS. I keep my system sounds silent. And I have the Wifi only version.

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Reply Delete Yeah! My main reason to use the iPad is reading for me, it’s such a convenient device to use compared to my laptop in many aspects. One of the major positives is not only is it convenient to carry around but also the ability to use pen and paper. And I have the 3D atlas app with a lot of very interesting and useful images. Some of those images are 3D models of real body parts like the brain, heart, lungs, etc, and the ones from the 3D atlas app are really high definition, so they look really awesome to view with the iPad! Reply Delete Awesome. Thanks for sharing that with us and for sharing all of your great tips and tricks for using iPad to help to study. Reply Delete Excellent post. I'm a new graduate student at an unnamed university in India. I am pretty new and.