What Are Some Good Idea Management Tools Online?

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What are some good idea-management tools online?

There are a number of options out there for getting ideas and proposals together. The team I'm a part of has tried a good number of them. I think it really depends on the team and how you work together as to what solution will work best. T also have a collaboration tool that allows you and your team to add to documents on the fly. T also have a 'library' where you can save proposal pieces to reuse for projects. Very streamlined and easy to use plus it saves tons of time the more you use it. There is a monthly fee but my team has found the time we save to be more than worth the small fee. I'd check this out and just continue to search there are tons of other options out there that can work for you but at the end of the day make sure the software is WORKING for you, if it isn't don't be afraid to jump ship and test the waters on others. We wasted so much time over the years trying to make something work that just didn't. Hope this helps.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

On one hand, there's the “good enough” approach, which is what we did. On the other hand, there's “good enough” software that is a little better than your previous best friend. What happens then? You end up in a situation where you don't know what is worth spending money on, since you don't know if it will make your life better or worse. And that's a pity. To learn how to make more informed decisions about technology you need to learn about its price/benefit ratio, not on how good the product is.